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Organizational development
developing vision – connecting people – realizing change

Successfully implementing changes is more of a dream than a reality in many organizations. Inspirational, initial meetings are often followed by months – and sometimes even years – of laborious developments. Wonderful initiatives regularly end up in frustration-filled evaluations.

Ale has experience in what can be done differently. Successful change is possible. Together we can catalyze organizational change.
Our development programs focus on the transformation of both the organization and its people; with attention paid to what is happening above and below the water line. So, on the one hand we focus on structures, behaviors and key performance indicators. On the other hand there is attention for inspiration, convictions which are inhibiting and personal insecurities. Transformation involves both hard and soft. We need to consider both.
Every change is different and there is no universal plan of action. We look for a fitting strategy for every question. Although we tailor our work, we use tried and tested methods.

Assignments and inspiration
In the past few years, we’ve successfully worked with our clients on:

  • developing vision in relation to leadership
  • connecting organizational goals with employees’ behavior
  • organizational design in relation to vision, roles and responsibilities, processes, and mutual cooperation

The change approach ‘Leading Effective Change’ is regularly used for diagnosis and process guidance in change journeys. This approach, developed by Ale & partners, is based on the ideas of Kotter, Kubbler-Ross, Lencioni and Radcliffe, amongst others.