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Team development
trust as the foundation – resolving conflict – growing together

A good employee is worth their weight in gold. But what if these good employees don’t form a team? Working effectively as a team is not a given. And yet that is exactly what makes a strong organization. We rebuild team relationships together with you, and create a safe environment. If needed, we confront and uproot conflict.

Team sessions are only successful when people subsequently work more effectively and happily together, and unvoiced dissatisfaction becomes open to discussion. ‘Harmony through conflict’ is our motto in these situations.

Assignments, inspiration and tools

In the past few years, we’ve successfully worked with our clients on the following team results:

  • development of team vision
  • strengthening trust between team members and making use of each other’s strengths
  • increasing goal orientation and team effectivity

A team scan is used for team diagnoses and development, and we also make use of the motivations test from My Motivation Insights and ideas from Peck, Lencioni, Tucker and Leary.