Ale coaches people in organizations so they function more effectively, both in teams as well as individually. We look at both effectiveness and teamwork. We work to measurable goals and listen to what is (and isn’t) said. We combine thought and emotion in an experienced change approach. Our focus is on growth of organization, team and individual.


Leadership development

Organizational development

Team development

Personal coaching

We work for a variety of organizations. Leadership at all levels makes the difference – directors and operators, teachers and volunteers. Whoever they are and whatever they do, we help them develop so that organizations, teams and individuals continue to grow.

Ale was set up by Ale Riedstra in 2005. He works together with partners to increase quality and decrease vulnerability. Our way of working is natural and direct; we hold up mirrors, bring depth and give direction where needed. We create safety and encourage pushing boundaries beyond the usual.

Ale has been involved in successful developments and effective breakthroughs in Europe (Netherlands, Germany and the UK), Asia (including China, South Korea and Singapore) and the United States.